Welcome to Swift's the Bakers

Firstly, we would like to thank you for taking time to visit our web site.

By doing so you show you have an interest in bread and, hopefully, view it as more than just something to put things between. We pride ourselves on being a craft baker, with the emphasis on craft, the art of making a loaf of bread, something that should never be forgotten.

Why have we produced this web site? Well, first and foremost to promote ourselves and our products, but also to help you, our customers, to understand some of our processes, to give some background to not only our products, but also the people behind the scenes. We all share a love of bread; those who make it to those who eat it, the different textures and flavours that makes bread unique.

As you look through this site, we hope you will see that we want to give you the best. A lot of time effort and skill go into our breads, we hope you will enjoy the results!